The Jammu Kashmir Dispute Can be Resolved through UNSC resolution-1948 Amicably.

[By Reshdar Koshur]

Wile a coversation with respected brother, AK Dhar, I put my answers to his questions. As the impartiality, truthfulness and rightousness is uncompromiseable in our Kashmiri culture, so do I stick to this perpetual kashmiri value. No matter who thinks what.

A murder is a murder. No matter who died or who killed. The loss of one human life is a loss to whole mankind.

There is a lot of difference between genocides and pre-planned politics in the name of genocidal threats. Occupational powers use such war tactics in conflict zones. As did the Indian authorities use it against Kashmiri Hindus (Pandits). Their was a fear hysteria created on the part of the Indian establishment that Kashmiri Muslims will start their freedom movement and a killing spree of non-muslims in JammuKashmir. Thus the authorities used this fear to malign the majority Kashmiri Muslim masses and to sebotage the movement of their national freedom.

A more serious threat to native people and to their national cause and existence is the fact that they are not themselves controling their affaires but rather vicious occupational powers disinfenchise them, offer them petty nominal roles and positions to make the completely bereft of all what they are doing with them and how they use them for their vested interests.

Those 259 innocent kps are the sons and daughters of the soil jammukashmir. they will always be alive in our hearts. RIP. amen

Those 3 lac Kashmiri Muslims (Jammu-1947), massacred and those 1.20 lac kashmiri Muslims (JK-l947 till today), killed were the sons and daughters of the soil Jammukashmir. Those all matyrs will always be alive in our hearts. RIP. amen

Its not a question of comparison between those 259 Kashmiri Pandits vs 4.20 lac kms. Because there is no comparison. As it is the shared loss of this nation.

However, 3lac kms massacred in jammu in 1947 was reported worldwide as a genocide amid partition times.

1.20 lac kms sacrificed their lives for the national cause of freedom of jammukashmir. All these sacrifices they offered against all foreign occupations. The most prominent slogan has been “Hum kia chahtay, Azadi”, while the most popular demand has been “Alqam e Mutahiddah ki quarardadon pe, amal karo, amal karo”. The slogan is the clear decision for the Third Option in UNSC resolution, 1948. Both the occupational powers, India and Pakistan have done a lot of mutual illegal legislations to compromise the third option which is by no means acceptable to international norms of law. The Shimla Pact and the Tashkand Declerations, Karachi Decleration and the like other unilateral decisions are not acceptable to Kashmiri nation. These agreements can never be the substitute of UNSC resolutions. The election politics at Srinagar and Muzaffarabad can never be deemed as the alternatives of the UN plebiscite in Jammu Kashmir.

Its a clear common notion among nations that the most natives always fight against foreign occupations. On the other hand, our KDogras, the default ruler scumbed to the foreign pressures, got blackmailed and was forced to sign accession instruement in 1947.

Our kms got devided in JK. Some got tailored to partion plan. Some got swayed with pakistani invasion and tribal raid. Some got exiled while others kept on plunged, stucked, stranded in dismay and indecisiveness in choosing options for identity. Latter on, some prominent leaders got sold under pressures similar as the very first one was forced to sign the instruement of accession.

Now, for the last thirty years, general masses are getting mimed, mired, misplaced and killed for nothing but demanding their right to life, property and identity in their own homeland. Now the nation is losing its basic rights in her own lands and nobody is secured or safe in the hands of three occupational powers. These powers wont do any good to this disinfenchised population. Because these foreign occupational powers have a natural mentality of being the conquerors of the place and populace.

The on going killings in JammuKashmir is the most regretable act. How long will the blood-spill of Kashmiri nation go on and why? The nation who’s temporary custodians should have been humbled and thankful, are rather thankless and brutal. These two powers have been exploiting the resources of this state for the last 73 years. But still they are not ready to be tolerant to listen the truth. These duo occupational powers have been drawing billions as revenues from Jammu Kashmir and yet Srinagar and Muzaffarabad never get more than 15 percent of it as their annual local state budgets.

This nation must get united through love and the spirit of ethnic co-existence to strengthen one another. All kashmiris must devote their energies to secure their 6000 years old shared sweet ethos and unique culture. All kashmiris from all areas must exhibit interfaith harmony and the determination to revive their collective national, secular, moderate, enlightened and democratic model of outlook as the proper preparation to achieve our national goal of complete freedom from all foreign occupations.

Every Kashmiri is a respectful individual who’s wishes and aspirations are yet to be fulfiled according to United Nations Security Council resolution 1948. Wherein a free, fair and transparant plebiscite on three options has yet to be conducted and implimented. This process has to be completed at the earliest under the supervision of UN auspicies. That will be under complete security and vigilance of UN-forces and in presence of the world community.

That will be the day of decision from the people of JammuKashmir. Until that day, every step and legislation done on the part of the occupational countries is of no importance.

This nation has to take control of all it’s affairs in it’s own hands. The root cause of killings must be addressed and resolved. Kps must come home. Kms must come home. Kashmiri diaspora must come home. The population of twenty million Kashmiris has to show some worth regarding our own kashmiri unity, identity, integrity and reunion.

Otherwise the three occupational powers have already turne into three potential to the very existence of this nation. They want to delay the plebiscite, buy more time, weaken the nation and change the demography of Jammu Kashmir. The beating of war-drums is a mere joint strategy of China, India and Pakistan to escape international pressures for the resolution of Jammu Kashmir dispute.

Longlive Jammu Kashmir Leh Laddakh, Kargil, Siachin Glecier, AksaiChin, Dumchuk, Sakisgam, Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu and Kadhmir.
Longlive JammuKashmirnation.
JammuKashmir Zindahbaad.

Kashmir and The Global Responsibilities: “Love” is the Way Forward

As I see it, perhaps nearly all the pandemics and plagues would have marked the same harmful effects on human beings and on the nature in the past as it has today. 

Our existence bears the fact of proof that our ancestors had performed all possible responsibilities throughout the past. They were successful. Because they loved their future generations so much.

Now its our turn what we do for our future generations. Do we love our future generations so much?

The questions of human survival, protection of nature and preservation of human knowledge and rescues to civilizations would have become the first preferences throughout the history.

Our preferences must be the same now. 

Our ancestors left us with the legacies of knowledge, nature, and civilizations. They succeeded. Because their love for knowledge, nature and civiluzation had been the driving force in them.

Now is our turn. What we leave for our future generations with. So, we are bound to make sure that “LOVE” is the driving force in us.

How to survive? Again it gives us a thousand glimpses into verious ideas as the basic needs, resources, economies and many more. It is a two-front war. One is the individual front. The second is the collective front. At both the levels, humans need to become more tolerant, more generous and more gracious. Humans need to seek how to give away things generously and take care of others with the spirit of love, selflessness and yet be kind.

All the disciplines like religions, humanities and even sciences try to invoke the most beautiful human trait of generousity. In Arabics, they call it “Zakawt”, “Sadaqat”, “fitr” and “Ushur” etc. In Hindi, Sansikrit, they call it “Daan” and “Dakshina”. In Budhism, it is called “Bhiksha”. As in English and Hebrew we use many words for it like “Alms” and “Charity” etc.  

Humans need to take care of one another. We must tend to live like one family. Nations need to grew more tolerant towards one another. Countries need to lessen their mutual enmities through resolving all conflicts between them. Even continents need to take care of one another. So that love prevails over hatred. So that collective responsibilty of care for humanity and nature overpowers lust and unnecessary vanity and so called “interests”.

As the abrupt climate changes, weather shiftings and global waming result into vast droughts, crops are failing at alarming scales. Water shortages and food scarcities are reported reaching dangerously high levels. The global economy is near new recession.

In such developing gloomy situations, human life and survival will definitely become more and more difficult. In such conditions, the collective universal spirit of love for humanity and nature needs to be strengthened. Global peace, ethnic co-existence, interfaith harmony and tolerance will help humanity think collectively as one family. Otherwise the future of human civilization seems so bleek. 

First of all, world community needs to settle all disputes and conflucts through peaceful processes of plebescites, referendums and elections. More importantly, if there has already been some progress through talks or UN legislations, those resolutions need to be implimented at the earliest to resolve those conflicts.

Jammu Kashmir, forinstance needs to be resolved according to United Nations Security Council Resolution 1948. Wherein, there were offered three options. One is for the Principal Party, the people of Jammu Kashmir which was the complete national freedom for the Jammu Kashmir nation. The other two options were the accession of Jammu Kashmir to India and Pakistan. 

This UNSC resolution provides the best possible mechanism to resolve the conflict of Jammu Kashmir. The urgency of the conflict is felt all the more fatal when it comes to think of the escalation of the situation and the potential threat of humanitarian crisis as the twenty million Kashmiri human beings are left at the mercy of the three brutal occupiers. All three are loaded with chemical, biological and atomic arsenals. So, it is better to resolve Jammu Kashmir conflict at the earliest. 

Otherwise, the goal of regional peace in South Asia can perhaps never be achieved. As the Chinese advances in Laddakh, Jammu Kashmir are turning the situation more complex day by day, the threat is becoming more obvious.

The three occupational foreign powers; India, Pakistan and China grab lands and impose wars on the weak and poor Kashmiri nation. 

This nation is forced to face fires and killings from all sides. In their villages, towns, cities and on both sides of the Line of Control (LOC), they face tortures, fires, shellings and extrajudicial arrests. They are made refugees on their own homeland when their properties are destroyed. They are bound to carry the dead bodies of their loved ones on daily basis for the last 73 years. This brutality has been intensified for the last 30 years. These days, India and Pakistan are using all kinds of war weapons at the Line of Control in Jammu Kashmir.

The situation in Jammu Kashmir can evolve into a potential threat to world peace. The constant looming danger of atomic warfare, genocides of Kashmiri nation and an intra-polar war can surface from there.

Similarly, humanity needs to act fast resolving all outstanding issues, conflicts and disputes between nations, countries and continents within a given time fram and deadlines posed through proper concesus in UNO, UNSC, American Congress, SAARC, EU, OIC, HRC, GA, ICJ. All other important countries, institutions, organisations and individuals of global importance may also be the play their due role in such processes and decisions.

Pradiman Koul! Mahra! kiazi cchûham kharri rūth anaan.Kiazi cchivûm aslas khûrr tûlaan.

RaajTirangni anusaar:

  1. Bruhma ta tas hend 4 nechiv ãasnah kãshir?
  2. KashapReshi osnah kãshûr
    ***Tsëndr Dev
    *Raja Lulu
    *Amrit Prabha
    *Kot Rãnë
    *Durlub Doroon
    *Pratab Bhalu
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    yim ãsnah kãshier?

Kinhë nah tim ti ãas Germani petthai aamët?!

Challenge tou pahalwaan akhaday main kartay hain. Main tou aik kamzor vekti hon. Jiska vektitva parhaai likaai ar apnay desh jammuKashmir ar nadaan deshwasi kashmirion k liye ronay k ilawa….iss sundar desh k arth ar iss nadaan rashtra k astitva ar bhavishyi (jo ki teen shakti shaali deshon duara dono mitaye jarahe hain) ko le kar kay prati pal khed ar peedah grūst hai. Ar prati kshan isskay samadhaan k lye kisi bhi prakaar kay sambhav sangharsh ar parikrama main rehnay k siva kuch nahen.

There is a lot that i can provide in answer to your question but the thing is that this is the same it was in post islamic period. Yes, except invading tribes from the western fronts.

Iranians, Afghans, Arabs, Dard tribes and others.

Ancestry and blood cannot be changed through conversion that is a fact.

The historical proofs of Linguistic changes in names of people, families, tribes, places, things and ideas can be traced back through paeleolinguistics. Thats another aspect to help orientation and the preservation of the native people of a certain area.
Furthermore, geneological sciences may help in this regard as the DNA lineages, linkages and crosses are determined on the basis of madical facts and figures.

I’m not a scientist. But all i can say is that if this Kashmiri nation keeps on and continues beating the drums for the foreigers and welcoming the foreign occupiers like it does now for the last 73 years, it will lose its identity and existence completely as a result.

Pradiman Koul
I consider Complete JammuKashmir of Maharaja Ghulab Sing and that of Maharaja Hari Singh ofcourse the complete Kãshûsh Desh of ours’. which lasted from 1846 to 1947.

In addition, i really love to invoke the spirit of Kanishka Rule. I determine to revive our Kushan Empire again. For that was the real zenith of Kashmiri civilization. When we had three capitals, One in Srinagar (Shilabath Nagar), second in Peshawar (Purushapura) and the third in Kabul (Pratiharas).

We had a business, trade and cultural hub city also Texila (Takshashila). And we had a research centre for Theology also. It was a university in Sharda, Neelum, PoJK.

This period goes back to 300 BAC and lasted till 100 ADC.

Silent Kashmir Conversations

Reshdar’s Conversations with Idols and Statues in Kashmir Museum

/storage/emulated/0/Documents/Reshdar’s Conversations with Idols and Statues of Kashmir Museum.docx

Reshdar : “What is the cause of convergen in JammuKashmir? Straight pure liberals of Khushan Empire into Buddhists, Pure Buddhists into Hindus, Hindu Brahmins into Muslims and now facing the backfire from Hinduism. Will it go back or it should only move forwards?”

Kanishka The Emperor : “It was rather a cognitive evolution, natural, sublime and deductive, quite free and fair choice….Kashmir is the only place in history where theological ideas and practices used to be discussed in royal courts. If found, first, the royals used to adopt new better theological concepts on merit. It had always been a free choice by themselves. Then only it used to be presented before the general public for discussions….it was not easy even then, just as its not easy today….”

Reshdar : “Who could have done that amid a million dangers? As there must have been so many risks. Possible potential threats to life, property, honour, state, throne and crown?”

Lalith Adithia The Conqueror : “Yes, the answer is “the powerful” , “the free race” , “a powerful free nation”. Such was the past of Kashmiri nation. We’re proud of our ancestors. Those who kept on acting freely and wisely as the reasonable children of nature, totally unbiased, clear, attached and detached at the same time without any personal grudges and let the reason win the battle for itself.”

Reshdar : “Can Hindus conquer us? Will the present Kashmiri generation let this ideology overpower this nation?” and “Will Mother Nature remain aloof and keep silent and calm on such advances on her perpetual sons and daughters?”

Bikraman The Great King : “No. Hindu ideology cannot conquer us. Because there are so many flaws in it. The myth is scientifically least agreeable among several others.”

Lūl Deæd : “No. Because the Kashmiri generation has a legacy of pure thinking. We are proud of such gifts transmitted to us from our ancestors. The ancestors of Kashmiris let their reasoning free. They used to think with utmost scientific spirit without any partiality or biased attitude. They let mother nature guide them in all fields of life including Theology. Such was the zenith of Kashmiri civilisation, integrity and rule. They only listened to their transparent minds and pure souls. This nation is as pure as a pure soul could be. We cannot be defeated by any power except spiritual understandings and a better, scientifically agreeable choice in Theology.”

Reshdar : “Unconquerable! How can it be possible when Kashmiris have no powers left, their freedom is compromised, state snatched, even basic rights denied. And there is not only one or two powers working against them. But in fact there are three big superpowers occupying their lands. Who will fight for them?”

Nund Reush The Great Saint : “The ultimate wrath will fight for Kashmiris. It will commence soon from skies, from lands, from oceans, from hills, jungles, planes, deserts and from all dimensions. This heavenly wrath will consume all the occupiers of JammuKashmir, with all their pride and parlance, they will be doomed to vast designs of deaths and destructions. All their lands with all their belongings will add to The United States of Kashmir.”


اس دنیا میں ہم سچ اور جھوٹ کو ہی پیمانہ جانتے اور مانتے ہیں.

اس حساب سے مرنا اس دنیا کا سب سے بڑا سچ ہے. جبکہ زندگی سب سے بڑا جھوٹ ہے.

یہاں وقت، واقع اور شعور کے لحاظ سے عدم کو جھوٹ کہنا اور وجود یا وقوع کو سچ کہنا تمثیلاً بیان ہے. مثلاً بجلی کا بٹن بند یا آف تو ہے مگر بجلی تب بھی موجود ہے. جب آن کیا تو افادہ بھی ہے. اسی طرح بجلی پانی، ہوا، سورج کی شعاعوں اور دیگر چیزوں میں کروڈوں سال سے موجود تھی تو عدم ہے…(اصل میں سچ ….مگر افادیت کے حساب سے جھوٹ).
اب ہم بجلی کو پاچکے تو یہ ہمارے لئیے ایک ایسا محض سچ ہے جس میں جھوٹ کی کچھ آویزش نہیں.کیوں کہ ہم اس کو وجود میں لاچکے ہیں…….(محض سچ)

تو مقصد یہ ہے کہ کائنات کی بساط سچ کے سوا اور کچھ بھی نہیں ہے. شعور کی مکمل انتہاؤں میں اختلاف کہیں بھی نہیں ہے. کائنات شعور میں ڈائمنڈ کرسٹل سے بھی زیادہ شفاف اور بے عیب ہے. فطرت بے داغ ہے. سب کچھ سچ ہے اور سچ ہی سب کچھ ہے.
حقیقت میں وہم کا وجود نہیں ہے. بالکل اسی طرح جس طرح روشنی میں اندھرے کا وجود نہیں ہے. یعنی جس کو ہم توہمات وغیرہ کا نام دیتے ہیں وہی تو اس طویل راستہ کی اپنی بُھول بُھلَیاں ہیں. کل اور جز کا نقطہ سامنے رکھیں تو کل صرف سچ ہے. سچ کو جاننے، جانچنے، پرخنے، پانے اور افادہ میں لانے کے لئیے انسان کو جو وقت درکار ہوتا ہے….وہی وقت اپنے کل سے دور پڑجاتا ہے اور انسان وہم کا شکار ہوجاتا ہے. حالانکہ کل وقت کے کسی بھی گوشے میں وہم نہیں ہے.

صحیح اور غلط کی بات نہیں ہے بلکہ بات صرف سفر کی طوالت کی ہے. وہ سفر جو دل اور عقیدہ سے متعلق پیداوار سے طوالت اور صعوبت زدہ ہوجاتا ہے. اس سفر کو صرف شعور اور سائنسی پیداوار سے سے مختصر اور آرامدہ بھی بنایا جاسکنا طے ہے.

شاید انسان تواہمات و بدعات میں کبھی نہ پڑتا اگر انسان صرف اتنا سوچتا کہ سچ اور جھوٹ کی اس لڑائی میں انسان کا اپنا ذاتی کچھ بھی نہیں ہے….

اچھی بات یہ ہے کہ آپ آنے والی نئی نسل کو خود سے بہتر خیال کرتے ہیں. اگرچہ یہ محض کسرِ نفسی بھی ہوسکتی ہے.

بات ذمہ داری کی ہے…اگر آپ نے توہمات کو اہمیت دی ہے تو ہوسکتا ہے کہ واقعی نئی نسل بھی وہی کچھ کرے گی. لیکن اگر آپ نے محض عقل شعور اور سائنس اور حقیقت کی افادیت
کو اہمیت دی ہے تو لازماً نئی نسل آپ سے بھی دس قدم آگے جاکر مثبت کام کرے گی. حقیقت میں نام روشنی کرے گی.

اگر مرنے کی توجیح صرف اگلی نسل کو راستہ دینا ہوتا تو ہر موت پہ ایک نیا بچہ وجود میں آیا کرتا. نیز پھر شاید زندگی کو کبھی فنا نہ ہوتی. کیونکہ آخری نسل بھی اگلی نسل کے لئیے خلا چھوڈتی. اس طرح یہ سلسلہ ہمیشہ چلتا رہتا.

کائنات کا مالک انسانوں اور ہر ذی جان کو زندگی بخشتا رہے. آمین
مگر علم سارا اسی کو ہے. وہ جو چاہے وہی ہوگا.

اگر یہ کائنات فقط سوال یا فقط جواب ہوتی تو اس میں موت اور زندگی میں سے بھی صرف ایک ہی رنگ ہوتا. مگر ہم دیکھتے ہیں کہ یہ کائنات سوالات اور جوابات دونوں اپنے اندر رکھتی ہے.

Writing for Purpose

God created Man and man started to express. He was bestowed with knowledge and Speech but he had a downward thrust for Writing and Art. Man was gifted with beauty but he found more satisfaction in Love. Love became his sin and thus separation from the Destiny. He chose a longer rute to take him the same place were he was throwned and crowned. Because he was made for courage and hardwork to earn the place which he was presented for granted.

The characteristic and domain of Speech was not special only for man but perhaps writing is most likely so. Although speech imbibes most of the secrets about God and the origion of creation. But writing is the real mechanics and vehicle responsible for making all secrets and learnings immortal. Speech may be heavenly born but writing is man’s true friend in this universe across times, places, civilizations, cultures and characters.

Writing is more purely a human characteristic. Because may be speech was a common legacy of all the inhabitants of Paradise but writing is a more genuine intellectual property of man.

Speech is mysterious but writing can do wonders. A wonderful writer is the one who exploits this skill in service of man, the universe and it even can serve the Speech itself. Writing is global right now, but it has to become, solar, intergalactic, universal and beyond. Such was the nobilty of cause in Speech and such is the nobility of purpose in writing.

A speaker can move the mighty hills and can win even the hearts of insects but a writer can own the courage to recall the times of heavenly abode, Adem and Eva. A writer has the ability to inculcate and invoke the heavenly muses. An artist sees his creation before he has made it a reality. A writer is a rewind botton of the system of existence. A writer travels across times immemorial. A writer is bit shaddow of The Creator. Man is sent here to learn to become the master of this world but his shortcomings amuse The Master. Here is the life in time, Man borrows from his own short-comings. Time is precious, life is short. But its punishingly monatnous and long if he realises less progress or no progress.

The most cherished dreams and noble purposes of man were started through speech and these all can be acheived through writin.

Writing is a reponsible service, more intellectual, more organized, more passionate and really more result oriented.

Writing is a custodian of human efforts, record keeper, educator and intellect enhacer and perhaps the most subtle vehicle that takes us to travels through times, places, personalities and ideas.

Writing being the most difficult skill involves truthfulness, hardwork, sincerity, physical, mechanical, technical, technological, attachment and love to purposes. A wonderful writer is attached and detached emotionally with his topic. Because that is the natural need of his origional purpose and productivity. A sound writer is a mighty scientist, saint and massayah if is ready to pluck the wonder fruit down from his tree of such wonderful gift.

In fact writing is an integeral human action in stability to progress and acertain his existence and demond to be able to stay ready and open for embarkations of guidance and salvation.

I pray to The Creator a most special prayer. I worship The Master a most special worship. O’ Creator! bestove me with the gift of a much better mind. So that i could be able to recall, think, note and take up those noble human purposes, so that i could be able to of express and create. O’Master! You love creation. So do i. That is the most beloved thing common between you and me. I love you. O’Master.

The writer is an educationist and can be reached at

contact: +923558177062, +923109172088


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I’m beginning with you today. I start writing in the name of all those who write with you. Its in the name of all who founded you WordPress.

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I plan to write. Then I read first. Only then I write. I try first and I hope latter. I accept first then I become acceptable.

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